G Herbo Addresses Fraud Charges in New Song “Statement”: Listen

G Herbo has shared a new song called “Statement.” Earlier this month, the rapper faced federal fraud charges. He subsequently pled not guilty to all of the charges, and in his new song, he maintains his innocence. “Let’s talk about this paper/Let’s talk about them jets,” he raps. “Yeah let’s talk about Jamaica/Yeah ask about me I ain’t never been a fraud.” Watch the video for Herbo’s new single below.

G Herbo’s charges included aggravated identity theft and aiding and abetting a larger fraud scheme. Herbo was named along with a number of other alleged associates. The 14-count indictment alleges that defendants defrauded numerous businesses and individuals by “possessing, using, and transferring unauthorized and stolen payment and card account information” to “obtain valuable goods and services.” The goods and services listed in the document include private jet charters, exotic car rentals, designer puppies, and more.

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