Frank Ocean Launches Voter Registration Initiative

Frank Ocean is encouraging people to visit his Blonded website and register to vote. As the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and Vice President Joe Biden came to a close, Ocean shared an Instagram story encouraging people to vote Trump out. 

Debates are on. It all feels fake. The problem’s that it’s not. Donald is president and might not leave the White House even if he loses the race so some say. Pls vote. Watching him dragged out will be way more entertaining than these debates. If you’re not registered swipe up to the form just takes 2 minutes to fill out. Goodnight.

This isn’t the first time Ocean has encouraged his fans to vote. In 2018, he shared a series of Midterm election special radio shows where he encouraged listeners to vote. Yesterday, Tyler, the Creator released a video announcing that he’s planning to vote for the first time during this election and encouraged his fans to vote as well.

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