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Final Season Episode Count Confirmed

The end is nigh for Lucifer.


Lucifer co-showrunner Joe Henderson confirmed the episode count for the sixth and final season of the supernatural comic book TV show. In an interview with worldballon (via CBR), Henderson said they are wrapping up the series with ten more episodes, eight fewer episodes than the currently ongoing Season 5.

With ten episodes, Lucifer’s Season 6 will follow the same amount of episodes as Season 4 – the first season to stream exclusively at Netflix after the show was canceled by Fox. Season 5 has a total of 16 episodes, with the first half having been released on August 21, 2020, and the second half coming in May. With the 10 episodes of the final season, the show will end with a total of 93 episodes. Yet Lucifer has never had a set number of episodes for any season. Even when Lucifer was at Fox, the number of episodes varied wildly. The first season received only 13 episodes, while the final season at Fox doubled that for 26.

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It’s somewhat a bummer the final season of Lucifer will get fewer episodes than what is coming with Season 5, but we will take what we can get. The series was supposed to end with Season 5, but following continued negotiations, Netflix gave the series a little more time to say goodbye. The glass-full perspective, then, is that we got 10 more episodes than expected.

Season 6 wrapped up filming at the beginning of this week, as revealed by Henderson on his personal Twitter account, which put the #ThankYouLucifer hashtag on the trending topics of the social media. Lucifer will be returning on May 28 for the second half of Season 5, when we will finally know where the sixth and final season will be heading. Check out Henderson’s tweet below:

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