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‘Fearless’: How To Search For Taylor Swift’s Version

So the question is: which version of the album will pop up first when you search for it as of Friday, and how easy will it be to hear the new one?

Billboard staffers embarked on a semi-scientific quest to find out by searching streaming services and asking our devices and to “Play Taylor Swift’s Fearless” and searching for “Taylor Swift Fearless” and “Fearless” first thing in the morning.

Check out our results below.

YouTube: new version

Google Nest: old version (via Spotify)

Google: old version

Spotify: old version (when searching “Taylor Swift Fearless“), new version (when searching Fearless)

Apple Music: new version (with old version as second search result)

Siri: original version of song “Fearless” when asked “hey Siri, play Taylor Swift’s Fearless“; new version when searching on iTunes store

Pandora: original version, followed by Platinum edition of original, then new version

Amazon Music: new version

Alexa: original version (via Spotify)

Stay tuned for updates on search results later in the day.

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