Expand Your Swords Vault with COMPENDIUM OF BLADES VOL.5 SWORDS OF RAVENLOFT — GeekTyrant

David Stephens and Kathleen Harrington have recently released a new Dungeons & Dragons supplement fans of swords are sure to be excited about. Compendium of Blades Vol.5 Swords of Ravenloft brings 30 new magical and cursed swords to the table for players to use as well as four new weapon types including one of my personal favorites, the khopesh. This looks like a fantastic supplement and I kind of wish that we could get an official supplement with more weapons.

This volume covers 30 magical and cursed swords drawn from the campaign setting Ravenloft. Magic swords are a staple of the fantasy genre, and any good Dungeon Master could always use more. The magical blades in the supplement vary significantly in power and are designed to fit into any campaign. Many of the magic swords include a bit of lore that a DM can use for plot hooks or world-building

You can purchase Swords of Ravenloft from DMs Guild for $2.95.

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