Exclusive Beast Beast Trailer & Poster for Sundance Breakout Dramedy

Exclusive Beast Beast Trailer & Poster For Sundance Breakout Dramedy

Exclusive Beast Beast trailer & poster for Sundance breakout dramedy

As the coming-of-age dramedy gears up for its limited theatrical and video on demand releases, Vanishing Angle has provided ComingSoon.net with the exclusive first trailer and poster from the 2019 Sundance breakout Beast Beast from executive producer Alec Baldwin (30 Rock) and producer Jim Cummings (The Wolf of Snow Hollow). The trailer and posters can be viewed below!

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The film, written and directed by Danny Madden in his feature debut and based on his short Krista, chronicles the lives and trauma surrounding three teenagers living in a quiet Southern town and centers on popular theatre student Krista (Shirley Chen) who finds herself drawn to Nito (Jose Angeles), a new student at her high school who catches her attention with his impressive skating videos. Unbeknownst to her, their lives and that of her gun-loving neighbor, Adam (Will Madden), soon become intertwined — until they reach a breaking point.

“This is a home grown project, filmed at Mom and Dad’s house in that classic call-in-all-the-favors process,” Madden wrote in a statement to ComingSoon.net. “I’m so proud of the performances and all the craft that people brought to it. We’re thrilled about the release, and hope this film finds a healthy life out there with others from the class of 2020.”

The cast for the film is led by Shirley Chen (Speechless, Parenthood), Will Madden (The Werewolf) and Jose Angeles (I Hate The Color Red) and also includes Courtney Dietz (Queen America, The Dirt), Daniel Rashid (Being Frank), Anissa Matlock (Greenland, The Gifted), Stephen Ruffin (Safety, Snowfall) and Chip Carriere (Embattled).

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Alongside Cummings, the film is produced by Matt Miller, Tara Ansley and Benjamin Wiessner. Beast Beast is set to hit select theaters on April 16 followed by a VOD and digital platform debut on May 4.

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