Enjoy This DUNGEONS & DRAGONS Supplement PRINCES OF THE APOCALYPSE with New Unofficial Sidekicks — GeekTyrant

I love the Adventure Sidekicks series of unofficial Dungeons & Dragons supplements. They contain some useful sidekicks or NPCs for various adventures and the newest additions are for Princes of the Apocalypse. Inside you’ll find 6 sidekicks ranging from level 1-15 with rules and guidelines that help you level them up too. Adventure Sidekicks: Princes of the Apocalypse comes from Marc Anderson, Adam Hancock, Jos Wijchgel, and BornToDoStuff.

Do you want to play Princes of the Apocalypse, but you don’t have enough players? Do you want reoccurring allies and creatures to level up throughout the campaign? Do your players regularly invite NPCs and beasts they meet along for the ride? Do you just love sidekick options? Then this is for you!

You can purchase Adventure Sidekicks: Princes of the Apocalypse from DMs Guild for $3.95.

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