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We’ve all tuned in to at least a moment of a horror movie marathon and enjoyed the jokes and energy of the host. You can now channel that energy for your Bard in Dungeons & Dragons with Star Shine’s latest unofficial supplement, College of the Horror Host. This subclass actually has some really cool abilities, like the Jump Scare that teleports you near a Frightened creature. This is definitely something that I would recommend checking out if you do a Halloween-themed one-shot or campaign. Just be sure to get your DM’s permission.

Fear is an art form.

Creating performances that terrify your foes while entertaining your friends requires skill and finesse. Those who study in the College Of The Horror Host learn how to walk this line.

When you meet a bard from the College Of The Horror Host you can be assured of a performance that is equal parts comical and horrific!

You can purchase College of the Horror Host from DMs Guild for $2.99.

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