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This month, IDW Publishing will be releasing the final book in the Korgi series of novels. The fifth book in the graphic novel series for children from author Christian Slade is titled Korgi: End of Seasons and will be available to read on March 30. IDW has given GeekTyrant an exclusive look at three pages from the book, and I can’t help but love the adorable puppy.

Winter has arrived in Korgi Hollow… and with it, the end of the Korgi story. As Ivy and her Korgi pup Sprout frolic in the frozen weather, an ancient power is stirring. At long last, saddle up for the conclusion of this “silent” epic fairytale told entirely through detailed pen-and-ink drawings. Fire and ice will collide in a timeless battle between good and evil. Will the residents of Korgi Hollow survive the harsh cold? One thing is for sure: nothing will ever be the same.

You can pre-order your copy of Korgi: End of Seasons now through local book stores, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.

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