Duel in Style with the New YU-GI-OH! Accessories from Konami — GeekTyrant

Konami has released their latest set of accessories for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game. This set features the alternate artwork for Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight as seen in Dragons of Legend The Complete Series. The artwork is pretty cool and many fans love it. The accessories available are 50 card sleeves, a deck box that can hold 70 sleeved cards, a portfolio for up to 180 cards, and a dueling mat. My personal favorite item is probably the dueling mat. It looks very good and has the zones printed on there which I personally really like to have. The portfolio is always very nice to have as well with side-loading slots. The sleeves aren’t the best, but they do work and are definitely flashy. I still just wish it would give you 55 or 60 sleeves instead of 50. Finally, the deck box does its job. It’s not my favorite design since I feel the hinge sometimes gets stuck, but considering it’s only $4.99, it’s not bad.

All of these items should be available through your local game stores.

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