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Disney+ Releases New Cut of Daniel Brühl’s Zemo Dancing in Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Responding to fan demand, Disney has released an extended cut of Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo dancing from The Falcon and the Winter Soldier’s third episode. Dance fans and Brühl-heads rejoice!

The moment of Brühl’s dogmatic supervillain cutting loose on the dance floor inspired memes across the internet since its release last Friday. There was seemingly no song that wasn’t funny to see Zemo getting down to, so fans seemed set on setting it to every song they could imagine.

Brühl told Entertainment Weekly earlier this week:

“It’s so hysterical. [That moment] was improvised when I saw the crowd dancing, going loco. I felt the beat and was like, Zemo has been sitting in a dodgy German prison cell for years. So, he needs to let off some steam and show his moves. Let’s go for it! I enjoyed so much the reaction of Anthony and Sebastian looking at me. Still, I was 100 percent sure that they would cut it out [of the show]. I was really surprised and happy that they kept it. It was a long dance. There’s more to it, but they cut this little moment. I didn’t know what was happening, but I then received all these messages from my friends cracking up. My friends who know me well know I’m an embarrassing, passionate dancer on the floor but it would be different moves. It would be the Spanish side of me kicking in and doing some matador, flamenco moves, going down on my knees. Highly embarrassing for my friends.”

Image via Disney+

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The news that there was even more footage of Zemo dancing immediately had fans clamoring for the so-called “Zemo Cut,” a tongue-in-cheek reference to Justice League‘s  “Snyder Cut.” And Marvel listened, tweeting out the extended video on Thursday. It doesn’t feature all of the moves Brühl referenced as being part of his standard repertoire, but the more limited choreography seems fitting for the haughty Baron.

This isn’t the first time Marvel has capitalized on the popularity of some of the most meme-able moments from its Disney+ series. When WandaVision’s catchy “It’s Been Agatha All Along” tune proved a hit with fans back in February, they released a standalone video so everyone could enjoy it. It’s a fun bit of interactivity that shows the studio is paying attention to fan response.

The fourth episode of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will release on Disney+ on April 9. Check out the extended video of Zemo dancing below.

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