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Death Grips’ Zach Hill Shares Debut Single from New Band Undo K From Hot: Listen

Undo K From Hot is a new band featuring Death Grips co-founder Zach Hill. Last night, the drummer shared the first offering from the group’s debut album, G.A.S. Get a Star, which arrives May 7 on Bandcamp and all streaming platforms. Below, listen to “750 Dispel” and check out the tracklist for the full album.

Last month, Hill reimagined Danny Elfman’s song “Kick Me” for a Death Grips remix. Death Grips’ most recent album Year of the Snitch was released in 2018.

G.A.S. Get a Star:

01 Ziplock Quilts That Kill From Hot
02 750 Dispel
03 Incomplete Spanks
04 Empty AM
05 Back Pages
06 Missing Information
07 Password Incest
08 Get a Star
09 Crosswalk

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