Daft Punk Finally Release Tron Legacy Extended Version to Streaming

Change the scene! Alter the mood! Electrify the boys and girls if you’d be so kind!


When Daft Punk (nee Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter) released the Tron Legacy soundtrack 10 years ago, there was an obnoxious, whack-a-mole sensibility to the album’s bonus tracks, which were scattered across several platforms and providers (one was a Nokia exclusive, to tell you how long ago this was). Thankfully, our long national nightmare is over, as the robots (and Walt Disney Records) have blessed us with “The Complete Edition,” now available to stream and download (a Mondo vinyl version, released a few weeks ago, quickly sold out but will be repressed in 2021). Adding 9 more tracks to the Grammy-winning album, it truly is the fullest version of the instantly iconic score released yet. (Damnably, that Jay-Z song remains lost.)

When Tron Legacy was released a decade ago, it got a decidedly mixed reception. While many celebrated its arresting, innovative visuals, others criticized the storyline and characterizations (occasionally, some reviewers did both). But almost everybody agreed: the soundtrack was genuinely incredible. The first true soundtrack by the electronic trailblazers, the score combined the duo’s usual electronic noodling with full-bodied symphonic flourishes. It was unlike anything anybody had heard before, and it helped Daft Punk realize their masterpiece Random Access Memories, which had several orchestral interludes that would have been impossible without their work on Tron Legacy.

And now you can luxuriate in an even more full-bodied version of the score with tracks like “Encom, Part II” and “Father and Son” that you genuinely will not believe was never a part of the official soundtrack release. They’re just so good. And we’ll have more from the making of Tron Legacy, including some never-before-heard stories about the score, very soon.

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