Crackle’s March 2021 Movie & TV Lineup

New to Stream: Crackle’s March 2021 Movie & TV Lineup

New to Stream: Crackle’s March 2021 Movie & TV Lineup

Crackle, the free streaming network, has announced its March 2021 movie and television lineup, including Playing With Power: The Nintendo Story, the five-part Crackle documentary series, and the Crackle Original documentary film After the Murder of Albert Lima. New channels coming to Crackle in March include the Hoops Channel, Angels and Demons, War Stories, Up Your Game, and Isn’t It Bromantic?

Crackle spotlight titles include The Hurt Locker, The Imitation Game, The Other Guys, The Grudge, Sin City, Charlie’s Angels (2000), Cold Blood, Pet Semetary, Evolution, and Motives. You can check out the full March lineup below!

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Additional New Movies in March

2020: Fallen Earth

A Killer Awaits

A Mighty Heart


Ace In The Hole (premiering March 18th)

Acid Horizon (premiering March 18th)


After The Murder Of Albert Lima (premiering March 18th)

Against The Ropes

Almost Adults (premiering March 18th)

American Relapse (premiering March 18th)

An American Rhapsody (premiering March 18th)

An Evil Tale

An Unfinished Life (premiering March 18th)

Ask The Dust (premiering March 18th)

Baran (premiering March 18th)

Blow Dry (premiering March 18th)

Blue Gold (premiering March 18th)

Bride And Prejudice (premiering March 18th)

Bridget Jones’s Baby (premiering March 18th)

Call Us Ishmael (premiering March 18th)

Carlos Oscar – Life is Crazy good


Cheech Marin and Friends: Live From South Beach

Circle Of 8 (premiering March 18th)

City Of Men (premiering March 18th)

Coldplay: Live 2003 (premiering March 18th)

Comic Book: The Movie (premiering March 18th)

Confessions of a Gay Poet (premiering March 18th)

Crossing Guard, The (premiering March 18th)

Cruel Intentions 2

Cruel Intentions 3

Cry, The Beloved Country (premiering March 18th)

Dance Flick

Dear Frankie (premiering March 18th)

Doll Factory

Eagle Vs Shark (premiering March 18th)

Existenz (premiering March 18th)

Femme Fatale

Fleetwood Mac: The Dance (premiering March 18th)

Frank Miller’s Sin City (premiering March 15th)


From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money (premiering March 18th)

From Dusk Till Dawn 3: Hangman’s Daughter (premiering March 18th)

Fun In Acapulco

Gallipoli (premiering March 18th)


Gladiators Of Rome (premiering March 18th)

Glory Daze (premiering March 18th)

Green Day: Heart Like a Hand Grenade (premiering March 18th)


Jackie Chan’s Project A (premiering March 18th)

Jackie Chan’s Project A2 (premiering March 18th)

Janelle Monae: Dirty Computer (premiering March 18th)

Lost & Found

Low Low

Mardi Gras: Spring Break

Mean Machine

Mimic (premiering March 18th)

Mimic II (premiering March 18th)

Mimic III: Sentinel (premiering March 18th)

Mind Over Matter (premiering March 18th)

Mr. Holmes (premiering March 18th)

Muse: Live at Rome Olympic Stadium (premiering March 18th)

My Boss’s Daughter (premiering March 18th)


Nightwatch (premiering March 18th)

Nobody’s Fool

Nowhere, Michigan

O (Othello) (premiering March 18th)

Operation Condor (premiering March 18th)

Operation Condor II: The Armour Of The Gods (premiering March 18th)

Ouija Shark

Out For A Kill

Paint it Red

Paulie (premiering March 18th)

Perfume: The Story Of A Murderer


Pet Sematary

Pet Sematary Two

Pootie Tang

Rage In Harlem (premiering March 18th)

Renaissance (premiering March 18th)

Return of the Scarecrow

Shiner (premiering March 18th)

Slaughter Nick For President

Sons Of Ben (premiering March 18th)

Straight No Chaser: Live In New York Holiday Edition (premiering March 18th)

The Accused

The Duchess

The Efficiency Expert (premiering March 18th)

The Gambler

The Grudge

The Heart of the Game (premiering March 15th)

The Hole (premiering March 18th)

The Human Race

The Hurt Locker

The Hydra

The Imitation Game

The Importance of Being Earnest (premiering March 18th)

The Informers

The Liberators (premiering March 18th)

The Little Prince (premiering March 18th)

The Lookout (premiering March 18th)

The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell Of Fear

The Night Listener (premiering March 18th)

The Ruins

The Third Wheel (premiering March 18th)

The Warrior (premiering March 18th)

The Weather Man

Transgender Nation (premiering March 18th)

Tsotsi (premiering March 18th)


Undisputed (premiering March 18th)

Water & Power

Wes Craven Presents Dracula II: Ascension (premiering March 18th)

Wes Craven Presents Dracula III: Legacy (premiering March 18th)

Wes Craven Presents: Dracula 2000 (premiering March 18th)

Wes Craven Presents: They (premiering March 18th)

Westward Ho (premiering March 18th)

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Additional New TV Shows in March

Doc Martin (season 6, 8 episodes)

Hell’s Kitchen (season 16, 16 episodes)

Hell’s Kitchen (season 17, 16 episodes)

Hell’s Kitchen (season 18, 16 episodes)

Little Dog (season 1, 7 episodes)

Little Dog (season 2, 8 episodes)

Raised Hunting (season 3, 9 episodes) (premiering March 18th)

Robin of Sherwood (season 1, 6 episodes) (premiering March 18th)

Robin of Sherwood (season 2, 7 episodes) (premiering March 18th)

Robin of Sherwood (season 3, 13 episodes) (premiering March 18th)

Silver Kings (season 1, 12 episodes) (premiering March 18th)

Silver Kings (season 2, 9 episodes) (premiering March 18th)

Space Precinct (season 1, 24 episodes)

The Triangle

West of Liberty (season 1, 6 episodes)

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