Corpse Paint Sheet Masks Now A Thing; Both Kvlt & Rejuvenating

As black metal culture slowly seeps its way into everyday society, its natural that skin care gets a black metal makeover. Enter Finnish brand  Kaamos Cosmetics, who have conceptualized these new corpse paint sheet masks to keep your skin nice and moisturized.

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The company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to create two designs of sheet masks – green tea and rice bran. The company offers this description of the products:

“Kaamos Cosmetics is a new natural skincare brand from Finland, bringing metal culture to self care. Their first products, Corpse Paint Mask Packs, are now launched through a pre-sale campaign. The masks are available for pre-order with exclusive campaign prices for a limited time, as the crowdfunding campaign period is March 19th – April 18th 2021.”

Here are some adorable promo photos and videos.

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