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RE:Anime recently launched the third episode of their web series Naruto: Climbing Silver. The latest video continues to portray a lot of the powerful emotions in this arc. Asuma is dead and there’s a lot that goes with that. Naruto fans will definitely want to watch this one. I’m not a big fan of Naruto, but I’ve still enjoyed these videos and the range that it helps show for RE:Anime. I would love it if Netflix or other studio would take a chance on them.

Talking about this specific episode, director Nik Shaw said:

This episode is by far my favorite out of the entire series. It represents the heart of ‘Naruto’ and the character death really represents a ‘new’ Shikamaru. When Asuma dies, Shikamaru can longer hide in his teacher’s shadow and has to rely on himself.

The series stars JB Tadena, Jonathan Tanigaki, Hunter Smith, Daniel Joo, Jerry Quil, and Marc Cortez.

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