Chris Pine Breaks Down His Wonder Woman 1984 Goodbye Scene

“It’s a really hard scene to do.”


[Editor’s note: The following contains spoilers for Wonder Woman 1984.]

One of my favorite sequences in Wonder Woman 1984 doesn’t involve superhero theatrics or dope invisible jets or fun glowing lassos (though those are all fun, too). This sequence simply involves two characters saying goodbye to each other, with actors Gal Gadot and Chris Pine playing their tragedy with perfect vulnerability. Collider’s own Steve Weintraub spoke with Pine as part of the Wonder Woman 1984 press junket, and when he asked Pine about this surprising sequence, Pine broke it down for us.

In this scene, Diana (Gadot) and Steve (Pine) have recently realized that using the wishing stone means you lose something important to you. Since Diana wished for Steve to come back, the stone has taken away her powers, leaving our Wonder Woman broken and stumbling. And in the midst of chaos breaking out in Washington D.C., Steve finally convinces Diana to renounce her wish and get her powers back — which will, unfortunately, send Steve back into the ether from whence he came. Gadot and Pine tearfully agree and say their goodbyes, resulting in a positively goosebump-inducing moment of dramatic heft in the picture.

Image via Warner Bros.

Here’s what Pine said about shooting this moment, making sure to give ample praise to Gadot and director/co-writer Patty Jenkins:

“We shot that off of Pennsylvania Avenue. We shot that that day when we did part of that huge, weeklong sequence running down Pennsylvania Avenue, and her running down and then her lassoing up. We did it in stages, and we went behind this pillar and did the scene. It’s a really hard scene to do, especially when there’s a lot of other action and stuff to do in the rest of the day, and certainly really emotional for her. And Patty’s just very good about making sure we have the space to really figure out the scene and make it authentic, and then really pushing us as actors to get there, and not accepting anything less than absolute truth. It really was a credit to Gal for being so emotionally open and Patty for being such a stickler.”

Check out Pine talking about this sequence below, and here’s the rest of the interview. Wonder Woman 1984 is now playing in select theaters and streaming on HBO Max.

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