Chris Hemsworth Has The #1 Movie On Netflix Today

A forgotten Chris Hemsworth movie is the number one most-viewed title on Netflix today. Though his Marvel films as Thor have grossed billions upon billions, many of the Australian star’s non-MCU efforts haven’t fared so well with general audiences, for whatever reason. That was the case with 2015’s Blackhat, which sunk without a trace at the time. Like a lot of underseen films from the past decade, though, the flick is now getting a chance in the spotlight thanks to streaming.

As per Flix Patrol’s latest stats, Blackhat is currently sitting at the top of the list of Netflix’s highest-viewed movies the world over. Directed by Michael Mann (Public Enemies), this action thriller stars Hemsworth as a brilliant computer hacker who is released from jail in order to help the combined forces of the Chinese government and the FBI hunt down a high-level cybercrime network that’s been causing havoc across the globe.


Leehom Wang and Tang Wei also feature as the brother-sister Chinese officers who ally with Hemsworth’s character and Viola Davis’ FBI agent. Though you might think the film would have international appeal, Blackhat ended up being a hugely embarrassing box office bomb for Legendary. Off the back of a $70 million budget, it only recouped just under $20 million globally. The studio is believed to have lost a total of $90 million on the project.

The reviews weren’t much better, with Blackhat only sporting 32% on Rotten Tomatoes. But folks are often more forgiving about what they watch on streaming versus what they fork out to see at the cinema, and it seems Netflix users around the planet are loving it. The presence of Chris Hemsworth is likely a major reason for the high number of clicks. If you’re in the US and wish to check it out, you won’t be able to catch Blackhat on Netflix but can instead find it on HBO Max.

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