Check Out This Great Mimic Chest for Storing Your Dice — GeekTyrant

Every tabletop RPG player needs storage for their dice. Well, what would be more appropriate than a mimic chest? Appearing to be nothing more than a humble treasure chest, ConjurerCoShop’s mimic chest opens up to feature teeth, an eye, and just some nasty mouth-like art. The chest can hold up to four sets of dice and includes a lock and key.

If you’re curious about materials, your dice, miniatures, or whatever you want to put in it will be housed in an “extremely strong Poly Resin Material.” The one catch is if you head over to the Etsy listing, it appears that it is sold out and I do not see any mention of it coming back. Maybe if there are enough people talking about it, they’ll bring it back since it seemed to do very well with 121 5-star reviews.

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Via: Technabob

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