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The Icebrood Saga has been the latest chapter in the story for Guild Wars 2, and now fans are being treated to a multi-chapter finale titled The Icebrood Saga: Champions. The first chapter is “Truce” and will be available on November 17. ArenaNet has dropped a trailer for this next part of the story, and it is hype! The elder dragon Primordus is rising to stir up trouble for everyone with his legions of Destroyers.

Introduced in Champions are replayable Dragon Response Missions that let you recruit factions to the cause and fend of Primordus’ forces. It looks like Tengu might be given a larger role as well which very well could lead into the End of Dragons expansion launching in the future.

Players will also be able to acquire Dragon Slayer and Volcanic Stormcaller weapon skins which look pretty awesome.

All four chapters of Champions will be free for anyone who owns Path of Fire and logs in around the time of release. “Truce” will be available to play on November 17 and the second chapter, “Power,” will be available in January 2021.

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