Celebrate Hulu Debut With This Drinking Game

Grab a Puppers and get ready to smash some sushis and sashimis because the ninth season of Canadian gem Letterkenny is now available on Hulu, and everyone knows there’s going to be a Donny Brook or two in store. (For any newcomers out there, that’s Letterkenny slang for “fight.”)

The Jared Keeso-created show revolves around the sparsely populated, surprisingly interactive town of Letterkenny. The series originally started as a YouTube sketch called Letterkenny Problems, before Canadian streaming service Crave developed it into its first original production in 2016. Over the course of eight seasons (plus several holiday-themed specials) we’ve all been privy to the intense world-building as Keeso and creative partner Jacob Tierney introduced us to the Hicks, the Skids, the Hockey Players, The Natives, and everyone in between.

With its distinct lexicon, recurring gags, and fast-talking take on small-town Canadian living, the series has earned nine Canadian Screen Awards, embarked on a massive North American tour in 2019, and established itself as a series with a cult following reminiscent of another Canadian classic, The Trailer Park Boys. That could be because, look beyond the traditional stereotypes on which these characters are based, and you’ll find nuanced people full of heart. When you can dig into their lingo and understand what they’re saying, that is.

For those who need a refresher, the last season wrapped with Wayne (not to mention the rest of the town) standing up for Katy (Michelle Mylett) after her relationship with Dierks (Tyler Hynes) derailed. Oh and Wayne’s ex, Marie-Fred (Magalie Lépine Blondeau) showed up to check on Wayne just as Rosie (Clark Backo) walked out of his bedroom.

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When the seven-episode ninth season drops, expect Wayne (Keeso), Daryl (Nathan Dales), Squirrely Dan (K. Trevor Wilson), and Katy to continue on a variety of everyday adventures, from attending an American Buck and Doe, to taking a deep dive into Judaism, to participating in random sleepover activities—including girl talk. And what better way to celebrate all the festivities than with a good old fashioned, Letterkenny-approved drinking game?

Whether you’re a schmelt catching up with the series from the beginning or you plan on chirpin’ your buds while binging the new episodes, hows abouts a bottoms up? After all, we don’t intend to be impolite but you don’t want to mess with tradition. And what better tradition is there than beers, a holiday, and Letterkenny? Now pitter patter, let’s get at’ ‘er. (Please enjoy responsibly.)

Take a sip when…

  • Wayne tells anyone, “hard no”
  • Riley and Jonesy share a celebratory fist bump
  • Several characters say “Bonnie McMurray” in unison
  • … or anytime Bonnie McMurry shamelessly hits on Wayne
  • Wayne quickly stands up in response to something another character says
  • Stewart brings up “The Dark Web”— two sips if he does so while scheming
  • Anyone throws an object down in anger
  • The characters sneak in the word, “Allegedly” while talking about someone else
  • Someone rolls up their sleeves in anticipation of a fight
  • Roald says “Stewart!” in his very specific “Stewart!” voice
  • The hockey players say they’re going to do something “Ferda boys”
  • Wayne is spotted with a turtleneck—two sips if someone mocks it
  • The hockey players start rhyming words with “broski”
  • Pastor Dan drops another sexual innuendo that calls his sexuality into question
  • Tanis calls anyone an “idiot”
  • You spot Keeso’s real-life dog Gus

Give yourself a real chug if…

  • Stewart hits someone with his force powers (and they actually act like they’re choking)
  • Coach kicks a trashcan in the change room… or, anywhere really
  • Shoresy tells someone to give “yer balls a tug.”
  • You spot a Gus N’ Bru Whiskey bottle, aka the whiskey of choice in Letterkenny
  • Squirrely Dan begins a sentence with, “Yous ever notice?”
  • The skids have a dance party in an alley or outside a store
  • Any shot of the Hicks where their faces are blocked by the railing while they’re drinking on the deck
  • McMurray recalls the time he went to a mal-named Caribbean island. Or, Mexico
  • A character tells someone to “Pump the breaks”
  • Gail starts gyrating or swinging her hips while talking about sex
  • Wayne greets someone with, “How are ya, now?”
  • The Hicks riff on any Canadian treasure (Celine Dion, Gord Downie etc.)
  • McMurray and Mrs. McMurray share way too much PDA
  • The hicks take a visit to “The Rez”
  • Someone—anyone—talks about farts
  • One of the jocks/coaches try to inspire the team, only to have it all derailed by locker room smack talk

Finish off that Puppers and grab another when…

  • A situation turns into a musical montage fight
  • You spot a famous Canadian in a cameo role (Jay Baruchel, Tessa Bonhomme, etc)
  • Someone claims to be the toughest guy in Letterkenny
  • Katy kicks another woman in the vag
  • The Hicks bail out The Skids from a situation
  • Jonesy and Riley hit up leg day at the gym
  • The characters put on their fancy voices and sing a rendition of, “To be faaaaaair”
  • The Letterkenny Shamrocks (or the Shamrockettes) win a hockey game
  • Any and every time Shoresy works out naked

Letterkenny’s ninth season is streaming now on Hulu.

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