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Carla Hall Shares What’s in Her Pantry

E!: For people who have limited cabinet/pantry space, what are the top spices they should prioritize buying?

CH: Well I always like the best bang for my buck. For spring, I really enjoy using McCormick coriander and get it because I’m always talking about how I love a good pucker. Wait for it: coriander is a spice that deserves a lot more love and I know most people don’t associate coriander with cilantro, but it is the seed of cilantro. In terms of a dry spice, coriander is the bomb. Now, lemon extract, is something people automatically think is for baked goods like cakes and muffins. But it also works well in sauces and soups to add a little tart punch and just in terms of balancing that flavor, so I love lemon extract. And I think of it as intensifying lemon juice, just a drop, really blossoms things for you with a punch of flavor.

Paprika and spiced paprika, too. Right now I’m making some collard greens and I use smoked paprika instead of meat so it stays vegan but still very flavorful. Some others: pepper, garlic powder, ground mustard. If you do any cheese dishes and you like the sharp cheddar, ground mustard is the spice that’s going to give you that lift. It’s always in my pantry. And cinnamon, I always need cinnamon

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