Camp Cretaceous Cast And Crew Tease Season 2

When the long-rumored Jurassic World Netflix TV project turned out to be an animated children’s show many lost interest. Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous didn’t convince in its early trailers, looked like it was made on a tight budget and featured an annoying cast of tweens. Despite all that it proved to be a fairly compelling watch, showing a group of children race across the island to reach the evacuation boats during the events of 2015’s Jurassic World.

The first season ended on a surprising note: our heroes finally reaching the docks to discover that the ships had long since departed without them. They’re now trapped on the dinosaur-infested Isla Nublar, either awaiting rescue or escaping themselves. The idea of children surviving alone against hungry dinosaurs is reminiscent of Jurassic Park III, but this show looks to put a neat twist on it with its varied characters.

A second season hasn’t been officially announced yet, but given the success of the first it feels like a no-brainer. In advance of the greenlight the cast and crew have begun speaking about their plans for the future. Showrunner Scott Kreamer discussed the ending and its consequences, saying:

“I mean, hypothetically, if there is more, where we leave the kids off at the end of the season… At the end of the season is, they’re alone on this Island and they only have each other. So I would imagine if we were to do more, it would definitely be set in a survival story, or a ‘Get off the Island’ story, or, ‘We just got to make it’ story.”

Producer Colin Trevorrow agrees:

“There’s often a suggestion when we talk about survival after a disaster on these movies, that a bunch of mercenaries might be left behind on the island. And it felt like… well the mercenaries will be fine. It needs to be a bunch of pre-teens.”

The voice cast also has ideas for where their characters should go. Paul-Mikel Williams plays Darius on the show and said:

“I know [Darius has] experienced a lot of stuff on the Island already. A lot of near-death experiences to be precise. But the thing that I would most likely want to see Darius go through is probably something along the lines of just chilling with the dinosaurs, because that is the one thing that he’s wanted to do in this entire series, and he has never even got to do it. Well, I mean, I’d say he’s got to do it once, but every other time, he was running for his life. So just giving everybody a chance to have a normal camp day, other than a getting chased around by carnivores camp day, that’s what I want.”

Glen Powell, who voices Dave, said:

“Honestly, I hope that maybe I can become a better father to these kids over the course of this thing, figure it out. We’ll see. Roxie is really carrying most of the load at this point.”

Meanwhile, Jameela Jamil, who plays Roxie said:

“I feel like I would like to see more and more of Roxie’s silly side because she does have this tendency to join in with the pranking, join in with the silliness. But I would like to see Dave step up, so that she can have more fun on the show. And so, I think that I would definitely love to continue to fill more of her ridiculous side because we know it’s in there. We keep seeing little glimpses of it, and I think that’ll be really fun to keep bringing out with her and to play because I’m an extraordinarily silly person, and so I’m excited to see what I’d be able to bring to that in Roxie.”

I hope season 2 of Jurassic Park: Camp Cretaceous happens. Give the show a bit more budget to stretch their animation and focus on the script and they could be onto something very special. I expect to hear more from Netflix soon.

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