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Bridgerton Fans Are Devastated Over Regé-Jean Page Leaving The Show

This Friday has brought heartbreaking news for Bridgerton fans. Netflix has announced that Regé-Jean Page will not be back for season 2 of the hit period drama. When another run of the smash-hit was confirmed in January, Page was listed as returning as Simon Bassett AKA the Duke of Hastings alongside his on-screen wife Phoebe Dynevor AKA Daphne Bridgerton. It seems negotiations have broken down with the star since then, however, as the fan favorite actor will no longer be part of the series.

As you’d expect, the millions of Bridgerton fans around the globe are devastated over the news. A lot of elements made the show a success, but it was the Duke who got people’s pulses racing, thanks to his tendency to lick spoons and roll up his sleeves, so a lot of folks aren’t ready to accept a second season that won’t feature Simon. To clarify, though, Dynevor’s Daphne is still set to return, but clearly, that isn’t enough for some, as you can see below.

Lady Whistledown will not like this…

Say it ain’t so!

Sadly, it’s not.

Others are able to see how this move makes sense for the show, given that each of the books it’s based on focuses on a different Bridgerton sibling. So the Duke wouldn’t have had a lot of screentime anyway.

Theorists, star your engines. Is Page pulling out of Bridgerton because he’s the next James Bond?

Remember, even before Page exited, season 2 was always set to star Jonathan Bailey’s Anthony Bridgerton, with Sex Education‘s Simone Ashley joining the cast as his love interest, Kate Sharma. Some are excited for Anthony to get the spotlight.


As mentioned above, for some, no Duke means no watching.

That’s it. Show’s over.

A very good question.

Likely a major reason for Regé-Jean Page bowing out of the show is because of his extremely busy schedule. He’s currently working on The Gray Man, the Russo brothers’ thriller starring Chris Evans and Ryan Gosling, and he’s also appearing opposite Chris Pine in Paramount’s Dungeons & Dragons movie. No doubt he’s got fingers in other pies yet to be announced, as well – maybe even a part in the MCU.

Bridgerton season 2 is due to start shooting this month. We can probably expect it to debut on Netflix in 2022.

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