Borat Vs. Ali G Vs. Bruno: Who’s The Best Sacha Baron Cohen Character?

Bruno (2009)

The Austrian, gay fashion journalist also got his own movie back in 2009, and quite frankly, I think it’s the most underappreciated. Much like Borat, Bruno was also a sort of mockumentary with interview segments, but I personally think the narrative was the strongest of the 3 movies. Bruno’s dream is to become “the biggest Austrian superstar since Hitler” and the movie may be even more offensive than Borat, but in the best sort of way. Highlights include Bruno driving what looks like a baby right into traffic and making out with his boyfriend in the middle of a cage fight in front of a booing audience. It’s cringe-worthy gold!

The Victor: Borat

I personally find Bruno much funnier than Borat, but I know I’m in the minority. Plus, if we’re going by box office receipts, then Borat was far and away a bigger success, making $262.6 million domestically compared to Bruno’s $138.8 million, and Ali G Indahouse’s paltry in comparison $25.9 million. No question, Borat wins this round.

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