Batwoman Fans Freaking Out Over Kate Kane Being Recast

Kate Kane is back on Batwomanbut she’s no longer played by Ruby Rose. This Sunday’s episode of The CW’s DC series revealed that the former Scarlet Knight is still alive, although she was discovered with bandages covering her face. This teased that Kate may look a little different once she’s healed from her wounds and, sure enough, following the episode’s airing, it was confirmed that Wallis Day has been hired to play the recast Kate.

Day is no stranger to the DC universe, having portrayed Nyssa-Vex on Syfy’s Krypton. The English actress also campaigned for this part once Rose dropped out of the show last year. Clearly, producers took note and decided to take her up on the offer. It’s still a shocking move, however, as Rose had maintained that she would be willing to return to the Arrowverse at some point. So Batwoman fans are feeling a lot of things right now.

First of all, there’s obviously a lot of excitement to have Kate Kane back in the fold, with Day proving to be a popular choice to play the heroine.

It’s good news for Krypton fans!

It’s even convincing some new viewers to start watching.

Some employed the Bat-family’s knack for detective work to figure the casting out before it was announced.

The two Batwomen.

On the other hand, some have been left confused by Day’s casting, questioning whether Javicia Leslie will still be the show’s lead now that Kate’s back.

Others remain loyal to Ruby Rose.

Rose might’ve been open to burying the hatchet, but it looks like The CW weren’t.

And then there are those fans in the middle, who aren’t surprised by the recasting and are open to seeing where the season takes us.

If you’re worried about Ryan Wilder’s future on the show, you shouldn’t be as we’ve been assured that Leslie will continue on as the one and only Crimson Crusader. Don’t miss Batwoman season 2 as it continues Sundays on The CW.

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