BATTLE FOR THE GRID Unveils Scorpina as the Next DLC Fighter — GeekTyrant

nWay has finally revealed the third DLC character for Season 3 of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. To absolutely no one’s shock, it was Scorpina.

Now, I may not have been surprised at all (I called it from day one), but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t still happy. Yes, Scorpina’s role in the television series was extremely limited, but she was still pretty awesome when she was there.

Yes, it would’ve been nice to get someone from a different series like Zen-Aku, but I’m just glad to see some more villains in the game, and with her role in the Drakkon New Dawn comic series, it’s fun to see Scorpina in action again. In fact, I kinda wish they would give her an alternate costume with her outfit from Drakkon New Dawn.

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