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Back the Superhero Tokusatsu Graphic Novel INFERNO GIRL RED on Kickstarter — GeekTyrant

I’m a fan of superheroes and I love tokusatsu. Imagine my excitement when I found out about Inferno Girl Red. Coming from Ultraman co-writer Mat Groom, illustrator Erica D’Urso (Captain Marvel), colorist Igor Monti, and letterer Becca Carey, fans will follow Cássia Costa who one day is given the ability to save her home of Apex City with a magical bracelet.

An ancient cult and their army of demons have stolen Cássia’s home, Apex City. When a magical dragon bracelet rockets into her life and affixes itself to her arm, Cássia’s the only person equipped to stop the cult from offering the entire city to their dark lord.

There’s just one catch…

The magical bracelet is powered by belief, and Cássia — an intensely pragmatic, rational girl – doesn’t have much to spare. She’ll have to find something to kindle her faith, though, and fast —because she has a secret legacy to live up to. Because her mother’s life is on the line. And because Apex City needs Inferno Girl Red.

I am so freaking excited for this new graphic novel. Also, if you’re not entirely sold on it, Kyle Higgins (Radiant Black) serves as editor and there have been a couple of teases that Inferno Girl Red and Radiant Black are connected including some awesome crossover art by D’Urso and Marcelo Costa.

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