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Back in April, Asmodee released some of its games for free via a Print & Play campaign. Today, Asmodee is expanding upon this with their new Connect & Play campaign. C&P is an official campaign from Asmodee that provides written step-by-step instructions for how people can play Asmodee games remotely via video conference services including Discord, Google Meet, Skype, and Zoom.

There are currently 5 games available in C&P, three of which are available for free via P&P:

  • Spot It – Test your observational skills and your reflexes with the award-winning gameplay of Spot It! A game of lightning-fast choices for two to eight players. With dozens of awards and possible versions married to elegant gameplay, Spot It! ensures that the game will be different every time you play!

  • Dixit – Dixit is the lovingly illustrated game of creative guesswork, where your imagination unlocks the tale. In this award-winning board game, players will use the pictures on their cards to bluff their opponents and guess which image matches the story.

  • Sherlock Holmes – Sherlock Holmes is a cooperative game where players try to solve mysteries by interviewing suspects, poring through newspapers, and searching the streets of London for clues.

You can also play Just One (a party game similar to Taboo that I personally enjoyed) remotely with the C&P campaign, although they are not part of the free P&P campaign.

  • Just One – Just One is a cooperative party game in which you play together to discover as many mystery words as possible. Find the best clue to help your teammate. Be unique, as all identical clues will be cancelled!

C&P is available now in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish.

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