Adam Savage Goes To Boston Dynamics To See How a Robot Dog Learns To Dance — GeekTyrant

Not long ago we shared a video with you from Boston Dynamics that features a few of their robots dancing around. It was both entertaining and a little frightening.

Well, in a recent video from Tested, Adam Savage went out to Boston Dynamics to see what goes into teaching a robot dog how to dance. Luckily, the robot dog didn’t turn against its human masters while shooting the video. One day, maybe things won’t go as smoothly.

How does a robot dog learn how to dance? Adam and the Tested team examine and dive into Boston Dynamics’ Choreographer software that was behind Spot’s recent viral dancing video. We take Spot to the field to test a few of its dance moves and are mesmerized by its nimbleness! As we explore Spot’s new movement abilities, we’re starting to see a universe of possibilities for how adjusting its gait gives Spot more character and personality.

Check out the video below:

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