Adam Driver’s Last Week Tonight Cameo Explained by John Oliver

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That Adam Driver sure knows how to spice up a late-night show.


Season 7 of HBO’s Last Week Tonight with John Oliver may have wrapped, but we’re still thinking about that incredible finale episode which featured a surprise cameo (to viewers) from none other than Adam Driver. Driver’s appearance on Last Week Tonight was the cap to a running joke throughout the year which revolved around host John Oliver making absurdly graphic statements about all the ways in which he wanted the Star Wars actor to rock his body better than a Justin Timberlake song. Driver finally turned up in the Season 7 finale to confront Oliver about his comments and encourage Oliver to maybe go outside, get some fresh air, and stop focusing on him as a result — all of which led to the satisfying payoff of watching Oliver blow up 2020.

So, how exactly did Driver’s cameo come to be? Oliver got the chance to explain himself during a recent interview with Seth Meyers for Late Night with Seth Meyers. Things got very lighthearted when Meyers steered the conversation toward Driver’s role in the Season 7 finale. When asked how it all came together, Oliver began, “The initial seed was one of our writers writing a very weird joke that went absolutely nowhere. Then, the water on that seed — back when we had an audience in March — was feeling real resistance from that audience about the joke. It felt like they about 40% enjoyed it. It locked in my head of, ‘Oh, let’s try and do this again,’ so we did it as a callback a few weeks later and [the audience] weren’t really happy to have it back. At that point, it became something of an obsession [with] our staff. A few months into the bit, we kind of broke it. One of the writers had written something saying, ‘I don’t know if he would enjoy this,’ and that was as much of a ribbon as it felt we could put on it. ”

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Oliver continued, explaining to Meyers that the Last Week Tonight team decided to take a chance and see if Driver would be interested in leveling up the bit with an actual appearance. According to the Last Week Tonight host: “So, at that point, we reached out to him and said, ‘I don’t know if you know what we’ve been doing. There’s no easy way into this conversation. We’ve been making some comments about you and would you, hypothetically, be interested in responding toward the end of the year?’ The message came back from him saying, ‘He has heard about it, he thinks it’s very strange, and he’s in.’ So we thought, ‘Great,’ and we didn’t know what we were going to do but at least at that point, we had an end in sight. As it turns out, the end was him calling into the show and explaining the ways in which he was going to demolish me.”

Driver’s appearance on Last Week Tonight is one for the history books. Not only did it pay off handsomely, but it offered Driver the chance to jokingly tell Oliver that he was an “unbaked gingerbread boy,” which, if nothing else, should keep you chuckling all the way to 2021.

All episodes of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Season 7 are now available to stream on HBO Max. Watch Oliver’s interview with Seth Meyers below. For more, here’s our round-up of the best movies on HBO Max right now.

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