A Plea To Put Paul Giamatti’s Rhino In MCU’s Spider-Man 3

As One Of The Highlights Of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, It Would Be A Ton Of Fun To See Paul Giamatti’s Rhino In The MCU

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 is, frankly, a mess. Even by bloated superhero movie standards, Marc Webb’s super-overloaded sequel is overwhelmed by an influx of characters, plot threads, and a barrage of Sony notes demanding any number of additions to this overworked film. For as much as people give Spider-Man 3 guff, this overburdened blockbuster is even more overloaded with story beats and efforts to build Sony’s franchise aspirations. But amid the rumble, there were a few gems found. One such gem is Paul Giamatti’s goofy, zestful The Rhino, which allows the Oscar-nominated actor to go wild and unleash some beastly instincts to fun, kooky results.

While some critics also found his performance too over-the-top, Giamatti was one of the few actors who knew exactly what he was doing in this inconsistent flick and charged into it full speed ahead. How delightful it’d be, then, to see him get his proper due in MCU’s newest Spider-Man sequel.

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