67th Sydney Film Festival in full speed with Virtual Program


Earlier on Wednesday, the 67th edition of the Sydney Film Festival kicked off with a twist, giving viewers the chance to delight in the best international cinemas from the comfort of their homes. A wide array of international and Australian films was featured online, giving movie lovers great entertainment at the price of a movie ticket. That came alongside conversations with film creators and a panel of different experts.

A Little about the Sydney Film Festival

Much like the PA lottery Bonus Code, which is famous for its exciting sign-up bonuses, the Sydney Film Festival has been entertaining movie fans for decades.This Bonus Code can be used by all PA lottery players at registration. This annual film festival is staged for 12 days in June, drawing the attention of both international and local filmmakers, with the films showcased across Sydney. Their wide array of features includes documentaries, features, short films, animations, family films, and retrospectives.

The festival came to life in the early 50s, attracting its first international guest in 1958. However, the festival struggled with censorship issues in the 60s until it got an exception in 1971. To date, films have been showcased across Sydney’s business district, including Event Cinemas located in George Street, Sydney Town Hall, Museum of contemporary arts, and the New South Wales Art Gallery.

The Sydney Film Festival Virtual Program 2020

For yet another year, the Sydney Film Festival featured a vibrant collection of exciting movies produced around the world. However, for reasons now obvious to all movie lovers, the Sydney Film Festival will not screen any movies at physical venues. That’s the first time in the festival’s 67 year history that this annual event will be staged entirely online.

The vent kicked off earlier on 10th June, and it’s expected to run through to 21st June. Its organizers have partnered with SBS on-demand, screening several titles that have been shown on previous programs from 10th June – 10th July.

One thing that most people will note about this year’s festival is how slim the program is. There are no big names, no famous international actors, and no marquee titles. However, we understand that organizing a vibrant show during these difficult times might be hard, due to the amount of behind-the-scenes wrangling and public maneuvering is required.

This scant program is an excellent reminder that while staging physical screenings at renowned places is one thing, organizing online events is a different ballgame altogether.   However, it’s quite impressive to see that the SFF was able to come up with something for movie fans amidst the global crisis.

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