6 Marvel Characters Joaquin Phoenix Would Be Perfect To Play


You know, I feel bad for talking up Joaquin Phoenix as an actor of great versatility and an inspiring drive to try new things and all I have done so far is recommend him for more villain roles. So, before I subject the Joker star to any further typecasting, let’s give him a hero to play. Of course, it cannot be any kind of hero and the most unique, unlikely, and fun idea I have is Corsair – the leader of a group of space pirates known as the Starjammers.

Before you pull out Guardians of the Galaxy comparisons, this crew adopted a genuine swashbuckler aesthetic (as close as they can achieve in outer space, that is) into their clothing, old school weaponry, and mastery of sword fighting (and not with sabers of the “light” persuasion). Plus, Corsair (real name Christopher Summers) is also the father of Cyclops, giving us a prime objective to bring the X-Men to space in the MCU and bring Joaquin Phoenix back into it for the first time since SpaceCamp in 1986.

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