6 Fantastic Four Villains The MCU Reboot Should Use, Including Doctor Doom


Of course, a more hotly anticipated Marvel character than Namor would be Galactus, who is literally the ultimate of Marvel’s cosmic beings. I mean, being the creator of the current central comic book universe would, upon introduction, essentially make him the MCU equivalent of God, and who could be a more intimidating foil to the Fantastic Four (or anyone, for that matter) than that? Did I also mention how he eats planets?

Truth be told, this would not be Galactus’ first go-round on the big screen or his first face-off with the Fantastic Four, but it would be the first time he was depicted accurately as 2007’s Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer just made him into a big space cloud for whatever reason. So, it goes without saying that this is another cinematic reintroduction that is much needed and even a subtle hint in the Fantastic Four reboot (if fans’ Guardians of the Galaxy theories have truly been debunked) seems like the most fitting avenue.

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