5 Ways Playstation’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Is Different From Into The Spider-Verse’s Miles Morales

Miles’ Responsibility As The Web-Slinger

This is one area where the movie and the game are actually pretty similar. In the movie, the old Spider-Man, voiced by Chris Pine gets murdered by Kingpin, leaving a gaping hole in this dimension for a Spider-Man. Miles Morales soon learns that he must become this dimension’s Spider-Man, and he does so out of necessity. It’s all just a leap of faith.

In the game, Miles also has to take over as Spider-Man out of necessity, but this time, it’s because Peter Parker is going on vacation with Mary Jane. So Miles is now in charge, and he grows as a character throughout the game. And he has to learn fast, too, because his villain might just destroy the whole city. And about her…

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