5 Things We Like about Movies Anywhere from Ease of Use to Screen Pass

From its Screen Pass* functionality to a clean user interface, Movies Anywhere is a good home for your digital movie library.


As someone who has amassed a lot of digital movies over the years with the purchase of physical copies, I’ve been on the lookout for a good way to store and access those digital movies, and to even outright purchase digital copies. Some ways are more arduous than others, but of the services I’ve encountered, Movies Anywhere is easily the best. It’s a quick, no-hassle way to build up a digital library, and even better, it has features like Screen Pass that allow you to share your love of your favorites movies with friends by allowing them to watch films from your collection.

Here are just five reasons you should make Movies Anywhere an integral part of your movie collecting habits:

Ease of Use

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I’m still amazed at how many sites make you jump through hoops just to redeem your digital code, and then you’re still hunting for your digital movies. Movies Anywhere takes away all the hassle. You get your code, you punch it in, and it’s in the collection. You can even purchase from any connected digital retailer and it’s in your collection. You’re not asked about format or which other website you’d like to get your movie from. It’s in Movies Anywhere, and because it’s in Movies Anywhere, that means it links to your other libraries. Which brings us to…

Digital Library Consolidation

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This one is huge. If you’re like me, you’ve probably purchased assorted titles from Apple TV, Prime Video, and other digital retailers over the years. Movies Anywhere wisely worked with these retailers so the titles you bought can live in one digital space. That way you’re not hopping between a bunch of different websites looking to see if you own a movie or not and end up accidentally buying it twice. It all lives under Movies Anywhere. But it’s also a two-way flow — not only are your movies available in one synced library on Movies Anywhere, but you can still access your collection on those digital retailers, and every other retailer connected to your Movies Anywhere account, truly giving you more access in more places to your movies than ever before.

Screen Pass

This is a really cool feature. Since we’re practicing social distancing right now, it’s harder to bring a DVD or Blu-ray to a friend. Movies Anywhere solves the problem with their Screen Pass feature, which lets you grant digital access to your favorite movies, without those movies ever leaving your own collection. There are nearly 7,000 Screen Pass eligible titles, and you can send up to three Screen Passes from your library per month as long as you purchase or redeem an eligible code in six months. So if your friend wants to finally watch Bad Times at the El Royale or Blade Runner 2049, you can just shoot them a Screen Pass link. There’s no extra charge. They just need their own free Movies Anywhere account. And if they change their mind, the Screen Pass comes back to you, and you can send it to someone else.

Clean Interface

Image via Movies Anywhere

Never underestimate the power of a good user interface. The designers at Movies Anywhere did a great job creating a clean, simple layout that allows you to quickly peruse your collection, see which of your movies are Screen Pass eligible, or go shopping for new additions to your library. Even better, film pages are packed with info including synopses, cast and crew, appropriateness for children, Rotten Tomatoes score, and more. There’s even bountiful bonus features for all you cinephiles out there.

Watch Together, Even When You’re Apart

I’m shocked that Watch Together hasn’t become a standard feature for all online libraries this year, but I’m grateful Movies Anywhere has it. In concert with Screen Pass or if someone already has a title in their library, you can Watch Together and share a synced viewing experience with up to nine other guests. Better yet, one person (the host) controls playback for the entire group. No counting down to hit play at the same time, and no messy plug-ins or extensions needed to enjoy the feature on your Smart TVs. While we long for the days of having people over for movie night, this is a great substitute for getting some friends together and enjoying one of your favorite films, together.

*Registration with Movies Anywhere required. Open to U.S. residents 13+. Screen Pass-eligible movies are subject to change without notice.

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