5 Things The Devolution Movie Adaptation Of Max Brooks’ Book Needs To Get Right

There Must Be Multiple Sasquatch Monsters

Okay, this is the only semi-spoiler I think I’m putting here, but there need to be multiple Sasquatch monsters in the movie, since there are multiple Sasquatch monsters in the book. And they’re all really unique.

So, here’s my concern. Legendary might cheap out and just make one sasquatch monster. I’m not insinuating that Legendary’s cheap, or anything like that. I mean, I’m sure Godzilla vs. Kong costs a lot of money to make. But I can see it now—Bad inciting incident occurs, panic ensues, and one Bigfoot monster comes to terrorize the community. It’s just easier that way, especially if they go with CG. But don’t make it easy, Legendary. Make a whole family of monsters. It will be so much better that way. And now, just one more request.

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