4 Reasons Pixar’s Soul Is More For Kids Than You’d Expect

Spoilers are ahead for Pixar’s Soul, which is now streaming on Disney+.

Growing up at the dawn of Pixar’s theatrical era was truly even more important to my childhood than I may have expected when I was a kid. Yes, I technically gravitated more to Disney’s musicals when I was younger, memorizing the songs and dressing up as princesses. Still, Pixar movies were just as important to me. Whether it be the original Toy Story movies, Monsters Inc or WALL-E, looking back, they seem to have resonated within me as treasured and vivid memories. Now between 2015’s Inside Out and the recent release of Soul, the animation studio has dared to go a lot more philosophical and existential than when I was first introduced to the company, but that doesn’t mean that Pixar isn’t as important to a young audience anymore.

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