10 Movies To Watch On Martin Luther King Jr. Day


Clark Johnson directs this HBO Film about a younger Dr. King, played by Jeffrey Wright. If you’re going to do an MLK marathon (I mean, I know nobody does that, but why not start today?), then I would start with Boycott, move on to All The Way, and then conclude with Selma. Terrence Howard also stars as Baptist Minister and Civil Rights Activist, Ralph Abernathy.

Like the title suggests, the film concerns the famous bus boycott of 1955-1956 that had Rosa Parks at the center of it. In the film, Dr. King takes up the case and it’s basically him against the world. But he doesn’t march alone, of course, and this is a story of that fight. It’s interesting to see a young Dr. King at work, and Jeffrey Wright plays the role considerably well. And here’s a fun fact. A young Carmen Ejogo plays Coretta Scott King in this movie, and also plays an older Coretta Scott King in Selma. That’s right, people! This is the real MCU (The Martin Cinematic Universe). Okay, I’ll see myself out.

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