10 Harry Potter Moments We Want From Hermione’s Perspective

Alright, let’s be honest – without Hermione, everything in Harry Potter would have fallen apart.

I mean, she was the glue that held that trio together. Even when Harry and Ron would fight. When they had no idea what to do and her smart brain came up with a solution. Even when she literally did a spell on the first train ride to Hogwarts. Hermione’s the brightest witch of her age, and she shows it.

Often, I wonder what would happen if readers got to see the books from Hermione’s perspective, how she felt about certain things. Recently, Stephenie Meyer released Midnight Sun, a book that retells Twilight from Edward’s perspective, and it got me thinking: What if the readers saw Harry Potter from a completely different perspective other than Harry’s? And what if that was Hermione?

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These are the some of the moments in the series that we’d love to see from one Miss Hermione Granger, from all the way in the beginning to the very end.

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