10 Dance Moves That Will Never Be Used Again

10 Dance Moves That Will Never Be Used Again

10 Dance Moves That Will Never Be Used Again

You have to admire when a questionable dance move is whipped out on the big screen. A top tier actor with his/her career on the line decides to go for it and show off that little nugget that used back at the high school prom. Take a look at some quirky, quasi-embarrassing, but nevertheless admirable moves in the gallery below!

Dance has always been a cornerstone of popular culture, much in the same way as cinema; when you combine these two things, the sky is the limit. That being said, a good dance move can be immortalized on the screen…and so can a bad one (subjectively). These types of movement can bring a film to life in unexpected ways—especially in the case of musicals and pictures that use dance often. Other films, ones that aren’t even remotely in the same genre as a musical or dance obsessed feature (Footloose, Step Up, etc.), incorporate dance in a very tongue in cheek, organic, sometimes even moving way.

When one feels a good beat coursing through their body, they move in weird ways; ways that are unique to that particular individual and moment: arms flail, hips gyrate and kicks seemingly come out of nowhere. Other characters watch in awe of whoever it is that has just taken center stage. As these characters come up with moves that are uniquely their own, they appear ridiculous and free. The word “bad” is about to be used here; however, that in no way reflects a lack of creative appreciation—here’s a collection of some memorably (bad) dance moves that have been used on the silver screen over the years…and will probably never be used again.

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